Hire Perry

Hire Perry

Who I Am

I’m Perry Woods, sports PA announcer and aspiring voiceover artist.

What I Do

I started voice work at the age of sixteen at a Little League baseball field and now do voice work for college sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, and volleyball at schools.  Clients include NCAA Division 1 Old Dominion University, Hampton University, NCAA Division 3 Christopher Newport University and USCAA members The Apprentice School.  I have also done corporate voice over work for the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA.

My Sound

Sounding energetic is the key to keeping fans engaged at sporting events, but while announcing commercials during the event, my voice becomes warm and inviting so that the client is heard separately from the game.


I have also had voiceover training through The Actors Place in Virginia Beach, VA.  Additionally, working with The Push Comedy Theater in Norfolk, VA as a sketch comedy writer and actor has helped develop the dynamics in my sound.  As a sports Public Address announcer, that brings excitement into my sound.  Reading commercials for various companies at sporting events brings a warm and sincere sound to my voice.

Why You Need Me

If you are looking for a warm, sincere, genuine sound for your business, I can deliver your message.  If you want the exciting, dynamic, and energetic sound that keeps your target audience engaged, I can communicate that to your audience as well.

Work with Me

CLICK HERE to go to PERRYWOODSVOICE.COM to learn more about working with me on your next corporate or sporting event!

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