About Us

About Us

Hello!  We are Jenn and Perry, wife and husband duo of “The Kreative Kouple,” a creative lifestyle blog.

Picture of Kreative Kouple About Us Jenn and Perry

We are a creative-minded couple navigating the performing arts world as best as we know how.  As semi-professional performers, our goal is to share our adventures through the sometimes-hectic world of the arts.  We hope that by reading about our successes and mishaps that you are inspired to seek out your own creative endeavors and enjoy the journey and many fun moments in all of the craziness.

Certainly there is an abundance of generic information out there about how to accomplish your creative goals.  We’re not famous stars, or even full-time professionals in our respective fields, however, we think that sharing a personal view into our lives can offer insight into the performing arts world that you can’t find anywhere else.

What do we do?

Jenn is an opera chorus member with additional interests in music theater, comedy, art, and cooking.  Perry is a local sports PA announcer for baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, volleyball, and more, with a desire to break into the voiceover business.  We live in Hampton Roads, Virginia with our two cats, Brooke and Phoebe.

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Stay Kreative!

Jenn & Perry

“The Kreative Kouple”