The Best Voiceover Microphone for Beginners: Review of the Blue Nessie USB Microphone

The Best Voiceover Microphone for Beginners: Review of the Blue Nessie USB Microphone

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Hey again from The Kreative Kouple!  It’s Perry today, talking about the best voiceover microphone for beginners with a review of the Blue Nessie USB Microphone.

The Best Voiceover Microphone for Beginners: Review of the Blue Nessie USB Microphone

Why I Needed A New Microphone

The Blue Nessie was the first microphone I ever purchased.  I had a really old one that I think I inherited from the “family computer” years ago…I can’t really remember…either way, it wasn’t ideal.   So I bought The Blue Nessie because I wanted the ease and convenience of recording voiceover auditions in the privacy of my own home, and I also wanted a professional sound quality for my audio clips on so that it would be ready for potential employers in the sports PA announcing and voiceover fields. Logo, Perry Woods, Voiceovers, Sports PA Announcer

Easy to Use

Seeing as how I didn’t have much of a background in electronics at the time, and I was still learning how to use my voiceover editing software, I needed a microphone that was really easy to use.  I had read review after review on the best microphones in the business, and about what equipment was ideal for a beginner to start with.  Over and over, I was led to this mic – the Blue Nessie – because of how easy it is to use.

For example, it is very convenient because all you have to do is plug it into a USB port in your computer (Mac or PC) and go!  There is no additional setup or extra equipment needed.  You can start recording immediately.

(This is in contrast to other, more complex, microphones that require something called “phantom power,” which is another technological beast altogether.)

Physical CharacteristicsPicture of the Blue Nessie Microphone Front Image, The Best Voiceover Microphone for Beginners, A Review of the Blue Nessie USB Microphone

Once I ordered the Blue Nessie, I couldn’t wait for it to come in.  Upon arrival at my doorstep, I opened the box for the first time and was immediately impressed by the unique design, which presented a combination of old-school 1930s-esque microphones with today’s sleek, contemporary style.  I felt so polished.  Official.  Professional.

Types of Settings

The really cool thing about this microphone is how it features three settings to maximize the quality of your recordings: music, voice, or “raw.”  Since I was using this mainly for my voiceover auditions, I typically only used the “voice” setting, however, musicians or singers might prefer to use the “music” or “raw” settings depending on the sound quality they are looking for.

Recording Quality

One thing about USB microphones is that they typically tend to pick up a lot of background noise.  But not this one.  Blue Nessie has a very clear and balanced sound, and is very easy to find the recording “sweet spot.”

While it will pick up more ambient noise at higher input levels, I personally feel like it works very well for close-up voice work, especially when coupled with some extra sound-proofing, like this Portable Microphone Studio Voice Booth Isolation Box.

Portable Microphone Studio Voice Booth Isolation Box


As a beginner in voiceover recording, I didn’t want to break the bank by buying a microphone that was really expensive and required additional equipment and software that could potentially add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Luckily, at around $90, Blue Nessie is quite affordable and works without expensive add-ons.

Blue Nessie is The Best Voiceover Microphone for Beginners

Blue Nessie USB Microphone Features DiagramBlue Nessie is the right microphone for people who are looking for an easy-to-use piece of equipment that doesn’t require complicated technological know-how, and who are beginning their careers as:

  • Voiceover Actors
  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Podcasters
  • Vloggers
  • Sports Announcers (recording demo clips)
  • and more!

Blue Nessie may not be right for you if you if you already have access to/are more familiar with more complex microphone technology, such as a condenser microphone requiring phantom power and editing software.

Bottom Line

Taking into consideration the ease of use, sleek design, recording quality, and affordability of the Blue Nessie microphone, I highly recommend it as the best voiceover microphone for beginners just starting out in the voice-over, music, or other audio recording business.

Ready to record your first professional-sounding audio clip?  Click HERE to purchase the Blue Nessie USB Microphone!

Stay Kreative,


P.S.  As I have learned more about how to edit my own clips using specialized technology, I have invested in a more complicated microphone system, i.e. the MXL 2006 Diaphragm Condenser Microphone coupled with Scarlett Solo Audio Phantom Power Interface.  I plan on writing more about those in a future post, but if you have any questions about them now, contact me by clicking “Comment” at the top of this post, or check out more information about them on our Recommendations page.

P.P.S.  If you’re interested in checking out my voiceover and sports PA announcing clips, head over to and let me know what you think!


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