Kreative Kouple’s Weekend Getaway to Camden Yards

Kreative Kouple’s Weekend Getaway to Camden Yards

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The Kreative Kouple at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD
The Kreative Kouple at Camden Yards

Hi everyone!  We are popping in to give a quick hello to you all and let you know what we’ve been up to.

We just spent the weekend with some friends on a quick trip to Baltimore, MD at beautiful Camden Yards watching the Orioles play the Tampa Bay Rays.  (Check out our pic!)  The weather was a sunny 85° that – besides needing a little extra sunscreen – was the perfect setting for the evening’s game.

The gates opened at 5:05 p.m. – two hours before the game – and lucky for us, we got there in plenty of time to line up early and each get one of the batting practice pullovers that were being handed out to the first 20,000 fans to come through the gates.  (Free IS the best price, after all!)

Camden Yards at Sunset, Baltimore, MD, Baseball
Camden Yards at Sunset

After downing some delicious Boog’s Barbecue, we sat back and enjoyed the game.

Perry is much more able to discuss baseball strategy and the description of the plays than I am, suffice it to say that it was an exciting finish when the Orioles won 8-6 after scoring four home runs throughout the game.  The crowd was going nuts!

A Sea of Orange, Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD
A Sea of Orange

Long story short, we had a great weekend getaway and hope that you are enjoying some beautiful summer weather of your own, wherever you are.  Let us know what you’re up to in the comments!  We’ll have another blog post later this week, but in the meantime…

Stay Kreative!

Jenn <3

Perry at Orioles Camden Yards

12 thoughts on “Kreative Kouple’s Weekend Getaway to Camden Yards

  1. I’m quite jealous of the 85 degree weather. We are in Georgia and it was already closing in on 90 when I took the girls for our morning walk with 90% humidity. Dying!

  2. Thanks Jen, for this wonderful update! It’s great to see you and Perry enjoying a weekend get away. I enjoy reading your blog!
    So, some of my summer fun includes enjoying our backyard woods! I love to feed the squirrels and watch them as they eat from the various, and sometimes, challenging feeders we have for them. I love to listen to the songs of the beautiful birds and the industrious becking of the woodpeckers. The beautiful sounds of the neighborhood children playing, and the barking of dogs makes me happy. Children should be happy running around their yards and playing in the summer weather. Dogs also like to play, communicate by barking, and when needed, use their voices to alert their families to situations they’re not sure about .
    God has given us many sights and sounds to enjoy! May you enjoy each and every one, whether it be the sound of a baseball being hit at Camden Yard, the conversation of friends, or the music that is such an important part of your lives!

    1. What a beautiful write up about summer, Sandy! So happy to hear from you. We have a “squirrel-proof” bird feeder that we need to set up outside soon since the squirrels were eating all of the food from our last bird feeder – although I like seeing them too. Hope you and all of the family are doing well, and so glad you’re enjoying reading our blog. 🙂

    1. The Oriole’s stadium is BEAUTIFUL. I think it typically gets top numbers in lists like “Top 10 Most Beautiful Ballparks”. Thanks for reading!

    1. I’ve never been a huge sports fan (that’s Perry’s territory), but I love going to major league games. So much fun seeing the game in person and being in the midst of all the excitement.

  3. It looks like you had so much fun. Going to a baseball match in the U.S is on my bucket list (I’m from Australia), it looks like everyone in the crowd has such an awesome time and the atmosphere looks infectious.

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